Thursday, 11 February 2016

What's to Come

Before I launch into Gracie's story, I'd like to say a few things about what you should expect.

My goal with Gracie was to get her better.

Not to make a record of her suffering.

Not to make her a YouTube star.

I took some video (which you will get to see over the coming posts) purely to document Gracie's progress.

Because the videos are not intended to make money or be exploitative they are very short. You will see enough of Gracie's situation to understand why she so desperately needed help but not enough to feel that her situation was exploited in any way.

I mentioned at the beginning of this blog that when she came to me Gracie had been self-harming. She had painful-looking sores on her neck that were self-inflicted. However, these were well-healed by the time I took her home thanks to the loving care of the team at Wood Green, The Animals Charity. I did not take pictures of Gracie's injuries. There is no need for anyone to see them. All that remains of them now is one tiny bald patch where her fur didn't regrow. It's barely noticeable and I like to think she's now forgotten all about it. In fact, she's now such a chilled-out cat I can't imagine her ever doing that to herself again.

I love my cats and dog like they are my children. It's my hope that sharing how Gracie become (eventually) convinced that this new home was safe will inspire other potential cat rescuers to invest the time and patience it takes to turn a cat like Gracie's life around.

If you do see anything on the blog that makes you feel sad remember that this story has a happy ending and there is video of Gracie looking full of joy and contentment to come.

In my opinion, animal cruelty doesn't stop at direct physical and emotional harm and neglect. It extents to sharing videos of animals experiencing cruelty. There will be none of that here.

Stop animal abuse and cruelty

Please support Wood Green, The Animals Charity by sponsoring my Fire Walk (16th April 2016). Even if you can only spare £1. Wood Green will make your money go a long way towards helping the unwanted animals in their care.

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